Supporting Characters

These names have come up so often around here that I thought it best to give them each a proper – albeit little – “nutshell” introduction of their own so it’s made crystal clear what role these beautiful people play in my life.



MARK – THE OTHER HALF. We met the year we turned 15, through a distant cousin of his who had every intention of pairing us together. The stage? A yearly Halloween exhibition called, “Screemers”. Long story short – I could not have survived the night without him. Two weeks were all it took to call me his. We had our little man, JC, the year we turned 18. Our baby boy, TR, came the year we turned 23. He told me he loved me for the first time as my bus pulled up at a station and caught me completely off guard. He proposed to me before my family at a surprise party he planned. On November 14th, 2013, we celebrated our 10th Anniversary and I will admit that many a time, this overwhelming drunken shot of love for him still makes me pause to catch my breath. We race home to catch “The Walking Dead” and “Game of Thrones” – and will defend those shows relentlessly. He loves to start fights with me for the sole reason being that we haven’t fought in a while. He is currently teaching me to drive and it’s like Noah and Allie on “The Notebook”. I race my kids to the door when his key turns in the lock. He is the kind of father I wish I always had and the kind of husband every girl deserves.


NicoleNICOLE – THE SISTER. She’s 6 years my junior and our moms are actually the ones who are sisters but that’s neither here nor there – we’re sisters, through and through. I went from drawing ugly pictures of her in our childhood until seemingly overnight, she became a piece of my heart. When we were children, we named a doll Tequila (foreshadowing our love of fancy drinks at its finest) and crawled around on the floor truly believing we had invisibility powers. Now, we’re godmother to each other’s child(ren) and put a lot of effort into annoying each other by spoiling them with huge, noisy, irritating gifts. We nurture a shared love of food, Starbucks, and fancy alcoholic drinks. Our texts revolve around the stunning comments our sons make, inappropriate/hilarious pictures we find on social media, bitch rants, and our blondest moments. She has met educators who have pointed out her similar features to a student they taught prior – and it turned out to be me. In a family like ours, we hold each other up. We’re still adjusting to living cities away from one another after being two floors apart for most of our lives. Losing her would be like losing a limb.



JENN – THE BEST FRIEND. We met at a mutual friend’s house party when we were 18 years old and have been inseparable ever since. Our adventures are usually pretty epic – accidentally leaving the keys inside her locked car (my bad), getting lost in shopping mall parking lots (wish I were kidding), sneaking crepes and ice cream into horror films (bad idea), using the anniversary of the day we met as an excuse to buy cake and chocolate (good idea). We have a sense of humour no one else seems to share, like laughing uncontrollably at Missy The Lost Cat and this particular comment on a Pacquiao/Mayweather article.  We watch horror movies just to spend more time hiding behind our hands, pushing each other to brave the big screen to see what’s happening …and usually end up googling the storyline afterwards.   We never got to do the teenage sleepover thing but in our twenties, we still talk on the phone often. Her temperament, her outlook on life, her values – they all mirror my own to an absolute T and of all the friends I’ve ever encountered, there has been no one identical to her. She is a jewel in a pile of rocks.


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