Leading Lady

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I’ve never been overly fond of my given name so let’s just pretend it’s something that properly suits me. Like Starbucks. Or Kobo. Besides, of all that there is to know about me, my name is probably the most uninteresting. I just celebrated my 26th birthday – don’t let the Asian genes fool you! I’ve been with my high school sweetheart since 11.14.03 (cheers to 10 years!) and we had our first son days before my 18th birthday and our second son the year we turned 23.

If reading was my first love, writing was a close second. The first story I can remember writing was called, “The Snow Queen” in the first grade and since then, any praise over anything I’ve penned is still a sincere surprise. My mother destroyed my love for writing in old-fashioned diaries as a child when I unearthed how she blatantly broke my heart in two steps: reading said diary, and sharing its contents with my aunts. As a teenager I turned to a minuscule form of blogging (Notes on Facebook) and threw my hands up in defeat at encountering acts of plagiarism.

The adoration never truly left me though, and so this is my bonafide attempt at falling back in love with sharing my thoughts with the world. Writing and happiness challenges gave me the push I so  needed, guidelines to set me back on track until I find my footing again.

Join me as the happiest moments in the next 100 days are documented, as I review the remaining books left in my 50 Books a Year Challenge, and learn a little more about me in the 365 Day Journal section. Keep an eye out for resurrected posts and for anything I felt was worth sharing.

The rest in a nutshell:
Mommy life, happy wife, #TeamOverdressed, macchiatos + frappuccinos, Audrey Hepburn, getting lost in a good book, Game of Thrones, godmother of 6, knee-high boots, chocolate covered strawberries, Marilyn Monroe, lists lists lists, One Tree Hill, cousins = siblings, matte black nail polish, Jodi Picoult, tasteful tattoos, Anne of Green Gables, sister + BFF = diamonds, leather jackets, mango ice cream on a waffle, Kate Morton, shopping is my cardio, The Walking Dead, maxi dresses, pasta lover, The Time Traveler’s Wife – book only, Chuck + Blair, long hair don’t care, LV Eva Clutch, macarons, music is essential, bubble baths, Disney Princesses, big families, makeup, grilled nutella sandwiches, Sex and the City, bookstores = sanctuary, royal blue, laughter, traveling, RM Mini MAB Tote, sleep, Mean Girls quotes ❤






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