I know, I know. I’ve been swamped these past couple of days. I’ve been itching to post everything!

May 8th 2014 goes down as one of the most legendary nights of my life. I awoke that morning with an internal countdown lodged amongst the clutter that fills my mind. At 7am, my shoulders sagged as I realized there was no way to elude myself from the imminent slowness of the day; 7pm would take an eternity to arrive.

I passed the hours with mundane distractions – preparing my elder son for a day at school, teaching my younger son how to work the games on the Treehouse TV website, the latest Dr Phil episode playing as involuntary tears streamed down my face as I minced an onion. (I had decided to cook dinner at 1pm to save my hubby the trouble.)

Unexpectedly, plans were moved up by an hour due to Mark getting off work early and Nicole catching an earlier bus. This led me to abandon all at only 3pm with only a half hour before it was time to pick Nicole up at our meeting spot.

Brother duties

The mini road trip to Hamilton was long and uneventful but Nicole and I perked up at Mark’s willingness to locate a Starbucks! Having an extended hour as a gold member helped liven us up …until we came upon the sign outside the FirstOntario Centre prohibiting outside food and drinks. Downing a frappuccino in slightly chilly weather with only a light leather jacket to warm you is far from fun.

BSB1Upon entering (what I think was actually the wrong entrance for floor seats), Nicole and I were awed at how close we were to the stage! Our tickets stated that we’d be in the 12th row but since the rows were actually set up in a “V” formation and we were smack dab in the middle, we were technically in the 4th row!

Words fail to express the emotion running through me when the first notes of “The Call” thundered from the speakers. We were on our high-heeled feet the entire time, swooning whenever they got close, alternating between living in the moment and wanting to capture it all on our phones. I let the music of my childhood flow into my veins and many a time I could not help but think of how amazing it was to have seen them perform live as a child and again in my adult life. The opening notes of “All I Have To Give” still makes my heart race and now, “Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of” holds a special place in my soul.


I wanted to reach into my past and pluck my 12 year old self and Nicole’s 6 year old self from its grasp. Specifically, I wanted the opportunity to withdraw us from the last BSB concert we went to 14 years ago, when we were strangers living side by side. I wanted to sandwich them between us, provide them a glimpse of their future selves. I wanted them to see with their own eyes that somewhere down the line between then and now, they would cement a sisterhood between them that would be unbreakable. I wanted to return them to their present with the reassurance that in a family like ours, they would have each other.

It was a sister date to remember for the rest of our lives. Days have passed and I still have BSB tunes running through my head. And years from now, when our kids are grown, we’ll show them all that we saved from that night and force them to listen attentively while we gush and reminisce about how Nicole screamed, “OH MY GOD, MY OVARIES!” when Kevin came close.





"Are these your "skinny" spoons?"
“Are these your skinny spoons?”





  •  I just have to point out how much I appreciate my man. For getting off work early to make sure Nicole and I got to the concert. For driving us all the way there as soon as you got home. For driving all the way back home to pick up our boys and my cousins, Jeric and Myles (and Riley), to bring them all to the park. For bringing Jeric, Myles, and Riley home. For feeding our boys dinner and giving them a bath. For driving all the way back to Hamilton to pick us up. For offering to drive Nicole all the way to Lindon’s. You are my Superman.
  • A huge thank you to Lindon, Nicole’s boyfriend, for coming to pick her up at my place so Mark could save driving time!
  • It was nice to bump into Gitte, a friend of mine who I used to be so close to. I hope you’re doing well!
  • Sad that I can’t post my videos because they’re too long to send through hotmail 😦

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